Bottled Water


Lanark Pure collects natural water from our pristine source and delivers to you absolute purity in the process. After oxygen, water is our most important molecule-the source of all life on earth. Lanark Pure takes pride in the quality control steps we use everyday to ensure that you are receiving the purest, cleanest, most refreshing natural water. As a Lanark Pure customer, you can be absolutely confident that your water is natural, pure, healthy and safe.

The source of Lanark Pure is ground water that has taken Mother Nature years to filter naturally. Lanark Pure spring water is filtered by multiple layers of rock weathering and soil formation removing ions, and undesirable compounds at depths well below the earth’s surface and later returning by springing forth from artesian flows. Our customers confidently consume our water knowing that it has come from a protected private source with no industry or farming on or around it and protected from contamination.

We are proud members of the Canadian water Association. Lanark Pure is also subject to random, unannounced inspections from Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Governments including the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Lanark Pure exceeds all industry and government standards required by the bottled water industry.