Bottled Water

About Pure Country Distributing

Pure Country Distributing has earned an incomparable reputation for quality service with above standard customer care and convenience by providing exceptional water delivery services to homes and businesses in the Ottawa area since 2008. In a short time we have Proven that our service is unbeatable.

Our Water is provided by Lanark Pure Country, Lanark Pure Country's Certified Spring Water source is an environmentally protected site in Lanark County, approximately 30 minutes West of Almonte, Ontario. This premium quality Canadian spring water has proven to be one of the best in Ontario.

Every single bottle of Lanark Pure Country Springs Water is tested daily and exceeds stringent levels of quality control for purity and safety. Our spring water naturally contains no metal, sodium, additives or chemicals and is CBWA certified.

Personal service is of great importance to Pure Country Distributing. Our customers are able to contact our customer service representative for better service. Courteous drivers are in your area almost every business day, committed to providing exceptional service with each and every delivery.

The Pure Country Experience

VALUE: Why spend 70 cents or more per glass for soda or juice when Lanark Pure is only pennies a glass?

TASTE: Discover why Lanark Pure Country is quickly becoming the fastest growing bottler of spring water today... "It's gotta be the taste".

SERVICE: Our philosophy is a company wide commitment to every single customer. We listen to our customers and do whatever possible to surpass their needs and wants.

SOURCE: Every drop of Lanark Pure Country water originates from the deep natural springs nestled in the picturesque and unspoiled lands located in Lanark. Your Local Source for great tasting Spring Water, Naturally filtered, naturally great!

CONFIDENCE: Every Pure Country customer can be confident that their water has undergone the most comprehensive and uncompromising tests to ensure every glass is the purest around.

Billing Information

Pure Country Distributing payment terms are net 30 days. Our customers receive individual invoices every month that is clear and easy to understand. Payments can be made by cash or cheque. We will accept VISA through online banking in the near future.

Bottle Deposits

There is a $10.00 refundable deposit for each plastic bottle. On the initial set up we deliver 4 bottles to you at which time a $40.00 deposit is required. The bottle deposits carry over to your new bottles as we deliver water to you and pick up an equivalent number of empties. The bottle deposits are refundable to you if you decide to cancel, provided the terms and conditions of your agreement are met.