Bottled Water

Reverse Osmosis

Lanark Pure Country also offers Reverse Osmosis know as De-Mineralized water. Reverse Osmosis water is created by forcing water through a permeable/membrane that removes all substances by acting like a very fine filter.

After the water is de-mineralized it pass ultra violet lights to remove impurities, then the water is put through ozone resulting in 99.9% mineral free water.

Reverse Osmosis

18.9L Reverse Osmosis

  • $7.00 each
  • 99.9% Mineral Free Purified Water
  • Bottled in food grade polycarbonate
  • Net weight of 50 Lbs
  • Compatible with bottle cap puncture system
  • Fits on all standard water coolers
  • Convenient bottles with handles
  • Refundable bottle deposit of $10.00 each
  • Minimum 2 bottles per delivery