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There are a varity of water coolers availalbe, but the flagship is our Classic Vail Water Cooler. The Vail Water Cooler is available for purchase or rental. The Vail Water Cooler Retails for $199.99 or can be rented per month for a low $9.95. To order call 613-240-7285


1.59 gallons (6 liters) of cold water per hour.

Dual protection Leak Guard bottle receptacle.

3 year solid warranty on refrigeration and heating.

Passivated stainless steel cold tank.

External evaporator with melting ice bank

Faucets have 3 seals to prevent leaks. And an orientation lug to keep them vertical.

A lifting handle balanced for singlehanded carrying.

Tall contruction - overall height 41", faucet to ground 29", faucet to drip tray 7.5".

Condenser with superior rust protection,

Fast flow faucets - 3.3 seconds to fill an 8 oz cup

Long life cold controls and motor starter.